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  • How Online Advertising Agencies Revolutionized Earning Money from Home?



    Marketing revolves around the concept of advertising a product or brand to the people in a targeted market. So the people, being the viewers, become aware of the products or brands and the effects of its use, in their lives. Digital marketing is a term, which covers advertising on a plethora of platforms ranging from the Internet to mobile phones and other digital technologies, including display boards. There are a many digital marketing solution companies in the market, with a lot of them working with clients in different continents. These online advertising agencies not only provide marketing services for their clients but work in a way to build their brands in the target market to enhance their brand awareness organically, which in turn shall reap benefits in terms of increase in sales.

    Apart from these digital marketing companies, there are online advertising agencies that advertise the products or brands specifically on websites online, which generate higher traffic. These websites are paid on pay per click advertising services basis, where on the website; the owner is paid on every click that the advertisement of the brand promoted generates. Since there are a lot of agencies online providing these services the competition is high and therefore has lowered the cost of such advertisements.

    A new concept of advertising revenue sharing has been adopted by online advertising agencies where brands and products can be enrolled and the user based on the advertising agency; choose the products they wish to promote via articles, websites or blogs online. This generates higher traffic for the brand or product that is being advertised, one such online advertising company is 10AdsPay. These users are paid when a person visiting their blog, article or website visits the promotional link of the advertiser and makes a purchase. For every person making a purchase via this link, the user is paid a pre-decided revenue share based on the revenue share model.

    10AdsPay works on the Advertising Revenue Share model in order to reward its members, of more than 10 thousand people, to earn rewards being more than $800,000 in payouts. One can easily gain these rewards by sitting at home and advertising products online of partner companies.

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