The election shows there was FIFA Coins

  • By the time of the 2018 FIFA World Cup we will have established FIFA as FIFA Coins a modern, trusted, professional organization that is fit for purpose."___PREPARATION FOR POTENTIAL QUESTIONS IN POST-ELECTION NEWS CONFERENCEQ. "Do you think this was an open and transparent presidential campaign given the fact there was no public debate between the candidates?"

    A. "Every candidate had ample opportunity to make public their vision for FIFA's future and I am confident that the election was a fair and transparent process."Q. (based on a close result) "

    The election shows there was not strong support for a single candidate. Does this represent a challenge for you taking this role?"A. "Many qualified candidates, all of whom want the best for FIFA, vied for the position of FIFA president. I am honored to be elected today.

    Now the election has passed I look forward to collaborating with Buy FUT Coins my colleagues and working together to help FIFA fulfil its mission to promote and develop the game globally."Q. (if there's a landslide result) "The fact that you have been elected by acclamation confirms that there is no democracy at FIFA."A. "The member associations have decided and as such we need to respect their decision."