The four-yearly World FIFA Coins

  • Blatter, barred for eight years.Infantino's reform proposals for FIFA Coins cleaning up FIFA were broadly similar to those that will be put before the Congress on Feb. 26.Infantino, who was on the committee which helped draw up proposed reforms for FIFA last year, backed a proposal to restrict the FIFA president and executive committee members to three four-year terms each, which is considered a key element.Blatter had been president for 17 years when he was banned in December."


    This will ensure a regular influx of new ideas into the institution...(and)....will also help to address some widely voiced public criticism of the organisation," said the manifesto.Other suggested measures included "a fully open tendering process for commercial and operational contracts" and a "proper institutional framework to ensure full transparency of money flows."


    The four-yearly World Cup currently involves 32 teams, which many critics feels is the ideal number both logistically and in terms of quantity, but Infantino said he wanted to add another eight."We would be giving eight more countries the possibility to enjoy the World


    Cup fever in a more passionate way, also Buy FIFA Coins achieving greater worldwide representation in the process," said the manifesto.He proposed a rotation system under which any given continent could stage a maximum of one in every three World Cup tournaments.RIVALSInfantino said he would also encourage the idea of co-hosting