And it is not because the FIFA Coins player has

  • And it is not because the player has 'history' or a reputation for FIFA Coins having a nasty edge.Here they are in escalating order: Nicolas Otamendi on Harry KaneFact: Otamendi kicks Kane in the head. His foot is six feet in the air and he endangers his opponent's safety.Context.


    I understand Craig Pawson seeing this as a genuine attempt to play the ball and Otamendi does not have any force going through the challenge, hence the benefit of the doubt as he escapes with a yellow. Otamendi accidentally kicked Harry Kane in the face, and so is rightfully given a yellow card


    Harry Kane on Raheem SterlingFact: Kane overstretches to reach the ball and catches Sterling on the ankle with his studs.Context: Another genuine attempt to play the ball and as Kane's boot is outstretched there is no power, intensity or follow-through on the tackle.


    Kane's reaction is one of instant regret and apology. Sterling gets up quickly, perhaps helping Pawson to settle on a yellow. Kane's mistimed attempt on Raheem Sterling was Buy FIFA Coins clumsy but had no force behind it Dele Alli on Kevin De BruyneFact: Alli goes over the top and treads on De Bruyne's ankle.Context: Seeing De Bruyne coming into a challenge with him, Alli lifts his foot over the ball, perhaps to roll it away from the Belgian. However, he only skims the ball and his studs come down on De Bruyne's ankle — with body weight adding intensity to the contact.