Most surprising to me is Maplestory Mesos

  • There's obviously no "narrative" to boot, but the trailer is a hodgepodge of Maplestory Mesos happiness along with an easel of vibrant pleasure made astir with platforming, bike riding, multiplayer mirth, and sufficient customization and clothing options to turn the team of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy into a schizophrenic pool of epileptic ebullience.

    Most surprising to me is that this is not only a 3D redesign of the 2D side-scrolling MMO.

    The gameplay is really very similar to Keen Games' Portal Knights, which has a very similar environmental voxel-like layout, but with the pudgy, Moe-like characters which are probably going to appeal to a bunch of Japanese and South Korean players, and all the weebs who wish they lived at Nippon.

    The actual gameplay in the trailer centered more around the casual elements -- such as dance, socializing, playing dress-up and building your very own little abode -- instead of the battle and party mechanisms.

    Obviously, the game still allows you traverse through many different worlds with friends, battling bosses, making loot and making a title to fame. But the 3D view seems to lend itself toward attracting the VR Chat bunch who hates VR.MapleStory Two making its way Globally, closed beta sign-ups open

    The sequel to MapleStory, the popular side-scrolling 2D online Maple Story 2 Mesos role-playing sport, is finally coming to regions beyond South Korea.

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