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  • Specialized employment advertising and recruitment branding solutions
    3. What matters is the number of positions filled and quality of hires. The creators have their ears to the ground and have been listening closely to recruiter pains and tribulations.

    --Old world flat file searches based only on keywords deliver quantity and not quality. Here are some examples of how GoRecroots features deliver value in online recruiting:

    --GoRecroot has specialty recruitment advertisements and employer branding solutions. You could get quantum of preliminary results, but very little in terms of positions filled. GoRecroot approaches talent sourcing as mapping of job orders to resumes.

    About the GoRecroot Team
    The creators of GoRecroot have been in talent sourcing and mapping since the 90s and have worked closely with recruiters and job seekers around the world.

    Press contact:
    Gracer Motha
    help@gorecroot. GoRecroots intelligent talent mapping algorithm means tremendous time and cost savings.

    Your business is focusing more on bottom line reality and less on top line activity. You created a job order over the weekend and have your mailbox flooded with responses. If you are investing your time in resume data processing, you need to log out of this fools paradise now.com
    United States & India
    1 650 265 2090
    www. You can sign up for free, create a job order, and initiate your talent sourcing. The intelligence behind GoRecroot is derived from hands on experience fulfilling scores of different job positions.com) focuses delivering functionality value primarily through (1) recruitment ads (2) employment branding solutions (3) jobs to talent mapping (4) recruitment community value additions. Big biller recruiters have already exited the job board game. Your old recruitment toolbox (job portals, application tracking, and communication out reach) is designed to get you quantity without quality.com is GoRecroots mobile recruiting toolbox.

    www. Are you thrilled? You should not be, in 2008 and moving forward.

    What would be of relevance is how many of these resumes map to your job order.JobsandResumes. Here are some important aspects of value creation powered by GoRecroot. Full utilization of your time, you cannot afford to be data processing

    Focus is going to be on bottom line reality: value creation.

    --GoRecroot has a mobile recruitment toolbox available at www. Time, cost savings, value creation with quality of hire
    2.For immediate release

    United States & India June 18, 2008

    Log out of fools paradise, focus on recruitment value creation with GoRecroot

    There is some bad news for the recruiting world: job creation rates are slowing down to 6% - 4%. Trust building and interactive outreach methods to attract top notch professionals
    About GoRecroot
    For recruiters, GoRecroot (gorecroot. GoRecroot intends to continue its close-knit association with recruiters and thrives to play an active role in getting more progressive recruiters to the big biller club.JobsandResumes. Subscription pricing for GoRecroot is linked closely to functional value delivered. Focus on and generating interest from quality, passive job seekers

    Here are 5 aspects needing recruitment value creation and focus:
    1. GoRecroot ads and branding solutions inculcate how quality job seekers approach new job opportunities and how they communicate. In addition, this is a great time to focus on the long-term value creation and on quality of hires, as volumes go out of focus. GoRecroot payment processing is secured and powered by Google and PayPal. This means, you can stop relying on conventional banner http://www.hongchengtm.net/product/aluminum-foil-for-cable/ Aluminum Foil for Cable Manufacturers ads that work like black boxes. You need to do the same for your recruitment metrics: it is not the number of resumes, the number of phone calls or email, or even the number of interviews anymore. Multimedia (audio, photo, video) enabled, multi modal (browser access, mobile access and downloadable thin client), multi geo (covers 100+ main geographies around the world), multi domain (over 40 business sectors and over 5000 sub sectors). With this intelligent mapping, focus on well-mapped prospects and get to results faster.mobi. Do not be tied to your desk, go head hunt, go recroot. There is some great news as well: As global markets consolidate, recruiters get the fantastic opportunity to revamp their head.
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