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  • I like to be able to harvest the wind for power in a meaningful way. Either make it increase the output rs 2007 gold of wind turbines or maybe make it overload normal turbines and have a special type of turbine that able to withstand the extra wind.I also like to be able to capture and use those spiky tumbleweed balls for some purpose.

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    You can antiscam yes but it is not good advice to give (not that you gave advice, just told you did it), because the person doing the antiscam needs to know what they are going to do and how to react for it. Scammers usually know their shit well, once they get antiscammed they try to use it for their advantage, or atleast seek for a way to avoid it.

    Personal fail: i tried eagerly antiscam duel arena guy, i knew he gave me bow and wrong arrows for it, i took correct arrows from bank, dropped them ground before trade, traded him, dropped his arrows. Shame I was foolish enough to not reckognize that dude disabled arrows and killed me with darts. (Lost dwh, it was around 20 40% of my accounts wealth at the moment.

    After I got killed, the dude promised me a fair duel ( ye right), told him to fuck off. Then there was this dude giving advice to me from the duel arena chest how to antiscam the guys. Told him to fuck off too, I was very paranoid that it was his friend/same account.Yes it is a huge hassle. It should be. Dying shouldnt be something thst you just look by and continue your routes with only loosing money,

    Also this makes you think twice before going to dangerous place for example dk Say you die right in the middle of the room, but you dont know how to flick 2 or 3 kings at the time. You might die second time due to error and loose your shit for real. What if this happens to dc and you know how to defend yourself? You hop to lag free world and go get your stuff back and pay 50k what you make back from 6 7 kills from bones alone.

    You could check diary rewards and requirements, and do the ones you find most fitting, they give straight goal level and purpose for doing so. Doing easy/medium diaries is quite easy and not that time consuming, while giving some low level content and making hard diaries seem more easily approachable ones in those levels.
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  • 1/5/19 at 1:00 AM -
    4/30/20 at 1:00 AM
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