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  • Aura Kingdom (or Fantasy Frontier to the Korean version) is really a anime, fantasy MMORPG published by Aeriagames. I do not think I need to give additional information since a lot of people were anticipating farmville for a long while before it even stumbled on the Western market.

    I, actually, wished to review it on closed beta or open beta but not not run it on my own old laptop. Then I got a different pc and thought we would play a bit. I remember many men and women talking about the game and planning to play it. Even a few bought the founders' packages. What I liked regarding it was that there also would have been a contest to win a founders' pack. All you needed to do was generate a video people dancing with all the soundtrack of the Crunchyroll's anime (Hare Hare Yukai). Some on the entries were quite funny.

    This are not a review of the sport but just some findings in the game following whole hype has subsided also, since I have been putting this off for excessively long.

    The start of your adventure in Aura Kingdom matches any other MMORPG on the market. You have to build a character. In Aura Kingdom you'll be able to choose between 9 classes. Funny thing is, in AK you could potentially not play for an archer on release, that class took place 2 months following release. What I really liked about AK class method is that there was no class advancement on your class at level 40. Instead of that you just choose a subclass (YAY for ranger/bard combination!)

    After selecting a class and creating your character comes the, for me, hardest part of MMORPGs: thinking of an name because of it. For me, this is really a BIG problem. I, literally, can spend hours trying to find a nice good name for my character when the ones I usually use seem to be taken.

    Okay, so, your business is chosen, character created. Now you may choose an Eidolon. Eidolons in Aura Kingom are much like sprites from Grand Fantasia (another Aeriagames mmorpg) together with the difference which you do not need to feed these phones heal them https://www.mmoah.com/aura-kingdom
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